praise and worship

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!


Never stop Praising!!



Recently UGS posted about that one segment in church called “Testimony Time!!” In lieu of Easter Sunday UGS wanted to celebrate as well as praise with you; the community as well as local and non local neighbors!

No one wanted to boast and brag on their God and the wonderful blessings that has been given to them. So Since today is the last day of the Easter Sunday event, UGS- Host (Airreny Unbothered) decided to tell her testimony. Check the UGS Vlog tab!!

Within her testimony there will be talks of Depression, Suicide, & Drug usage. *Please note that there will be one or two gruesome pictures. She is not ashamed and UGS is excited to celebrate her overcoming and transparent testimony today!

Won’t you praise God with her on today for God is good all the time and All the time God is good!!!

praise and worship


Tap for 🎶 🎵👇🏾Praise until something happens!! We all go through rough times in life. We all have had and are still experiencing our share of our own personal situations and circumstances that bought us and constantly bring us to our knees to ask for guidance, deliverance, and endurance.

Even though we go through things it is written “My brethren, count it all joy when he fall into divers temptations;” James 1:2 KJV.

So be encouraged and continue to strengthen your faith in God, because just how your situation had a beginning it will have an end!

Be blessed!

*Don’t forget if you have a testimony you would like to share submit it in the contact tab!!



praise and worship

🙌🏾Testimony Time! 🙌🏾

Tap pic for 🎶 🎵 👇🏾

It ain’t Sunday but, I got thanks on my lips and a praise on my feet!!

I believe in giving God reference everyday, for the amazing and wondrous works God does in everyone’s life as well as mine!

So starting Friday(3/30)-Sunday(4/1) I will be posting encouraging songs and testimonies so that UGS can celebrate Gods good work in your life!

So, regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, I want to hear about your testimonies! What has your God brought you through, what has your God done for you?!

No testimony is to little!! BECAUSE ANYTHING GOD DOES IS GREAT!!!

So check out the page and if you are interested in this segment send (in the contact tab,, or social media-@iamairreny):

  1. You’re name
  2. A picture (optional, but preferred)
  3. A scripture and/or Quote that helped