To shine light on individuals that are striving for Underground success! To encourage and positively promote local and non local underground artists, within the specialties of the Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship, Bloggers, Vloggers, and Authors.

UGS-FMU (Underground Soundz-F**k MainSTREAM UNDERground), was created by Lynnece Henry better known as her stage name “Airreny Unbothered.” She had an idea to create a place where people of the local and non local community felt they had something to share with the world, thus UGS was founded . She saw a need to help out her community, by creating in a sense, if you will, “FUBU” an underground platform that promotes underground success.

She finds her inspiration in GOD, Queen Latifah, J. Cole, and Missy Elliot. She also saw that there were so many striving artists that had so much to offer the world she decided to create a show as well as a vblog that encourages, promotes, as well as uplifts underground artists in their endeavors. UGS isn’t just a place for rappers and singers but also a platform for any underground success story whether it be a hairstylist, blogger, vlogger, clothing designer, etc. All underground works are welcomed to be apart of something that will shake the world.

              F**k MainSTREAM UNDERground (FMU) is the slogan or tagline of UGS, just for fun facts, FMU was originally the name of the Show and vblog that she was going to present to the world, but after great consideration Airreny Unbothered decided upon keeping it as a slogan. The slogan should be said and/or read as follows: F**K Mainstream Stream Underground. Could there have been another slogan? Was she Angry? All these questions could be answered with a simple NO!

FMU became the slogan because Airreny seen so many people change their style of business just to fit in with the IN crowd, just to be chewed, swallowed, then spit right back out. And that’s exactly what mainstream does to an Artist. They do not cherish the work of an artist let alone acknowledge it. So Airreny decided to bring forth a group that has been the underdog’s for years, better yet centuries and that is the Underground Soundz of the community and of your neighborhood. At UGS we are all about shedding Peace, Love and Happiness among one another and that is what being an Artist is all about in the end.