YO! YO! YO! What it is what it ain’t music lovers!?!?! Check out the newest Freestyle Friday artist named DMR Soul.

DMR SOUL is a local Huntsville Artist that style, lyrical flow, and voice all HIS. He is so unapologetically original. I love his latest project that dropped named the “Throw Aways Part 1.” On this 9 track album it is a story that unfolds to serious soul truths that I can really relate to and if I was to be asked I would have to say my favorite is track 5 remorse! I knew a girl named Keisha once. His music is food for the mind body and soul. Also if you haven’t seen him live it is a MUST! He engage with the audience and once on stage makes it his own. His recent song “Into You” is featured on UGS front page. If you are feeling how much musical Soul he has, check out more of his musical works on SoundCloudYoutube, and his website



Airreny Unbothered

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