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As the host of Underground Soundz I usually don’t have time for random heartfelt posts such as this. So, I will post daily random thoughts, songs, ideas, and quotes that caught my attention throughout my day. I truly believe that getting to know me is essential to loving me!


CAN WE JUST TRAVEL ALREADY?!?! I love this! It gives me a marker on where I’ve been and where i’m gonna be headed! Traveling to different states is an amazing experience you get to meet a diverse group of people as well as get to taste the different styles of food that they eat. For instance tasting a Chicago hot dog, or eating a real New York style pizza, or even the BBQ in Texas, and of course the seafood and night life of Miami.

Trying new things in different places helps us as individuals to grow and adapt to uncomfortable situations. This could very well be a template for other cities to be added to be designed better for your liking. I like this Big City Bingo because I was born in Miami, did mission and violin work in New York, I escaped to Texas for healing, Of course I’ve been to Orlando I lived in Miami it’s (if you drive right) approximately 4 hours. I did musical written work in Chicago and that about it! So I think it’ll be more easier to finish this one LOL!

So lets make goals to travel all 2020!! Lets see all of our country! This may not be a blessing to someone else but it may be to YOU!

Airreny Unbothered

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