Underground Soundz has been undergoing some really significant changes to be better for you, our subscribers and the community as a whole.

The UGS team is full of gratitude for your continuous patience and support toward this epic movement!

Starting April 1st UGS-WPR, is here to offer up advertisement, interviews, articles, entertainment and encouragement. This site is a place where positivity is relevant. Whether you sing, dance, rap, draw, a photographer, author and/or business owner bring your success because we’d love to share it.

Through Peace.Love.Happiness and donations* UGS thrives below are new and improved packages:

Peace Package: 30 second commercial ($3.00 Donation)

Love Package:  30 second commercial and article ($5.00 Donation)

Happiness Package: 30 second commercial, article, and Say What?! Interview* ($7.00 Donation)

Looking to expand? Want to reach more potential fans?

Contact UGS by Website, Email, Phone

* Interviews are Friday’s and Saturday’s ONLY

*Donations are just that! Its a kind gesture to help UGS grow.



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