IT’S HERE!!! Welcome 2019!!

First and foremost I would like to say 🗣WE MADE IT TO A NEW YEAR!!!! UGS is so thankful to all of you, our subscribers that keeps us alive and well because without you there would be no US!! UGS would like to thank Designevo for helping us make such a great logo. It’s PERFECT!!! It truly captures the mindset of UGS.

The logo has changed but the mission has not! UGS is geared to shine light on the individuals in the communities success through true, genuine Peace.Love.Happiness. There is so many new elements that will be hitting you soon! Below is a list of content that you should be aware of to stay up to date and in the know of your communities success stories. As well as getting entertainment and encouragement!

Lets come together and start a movement that cannot be stopped because together we stand and divided we fall!  Please SSSLC!!! (Support, Subscribe, Share, Like, Comment). We are in this together lets work together in harmony through true, genuine Peace.Love.Happiness. If you haven’t started, start here there is plenty of room for you!!

UGS Weekly’s

Men Encouragement Monday’s (LTM)

Poetry Tuesday’s

Women Encouragement Wednesday’s (LTM)

Random’s Corner Thursday’s

Freestyle Friday’s 

Success Saturday’s

Stay subscribed and tuned in to the New and improved Underground Soundz!






Logo made with DesignEvo

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