The New Year is bringing Change!!!

As the year 2018 comes to an end and the new year rolls in UGS is super grateful to Airreny Unbothered, S.I.q Da Poet, all the talented individuals that were featured on the site, and most importantly GOD! UGS starting from a mere idea and now its coming into full fruition!  As all of you know UGS is geared to bring out and shine light on all the success of the community. In doing so evolution must come about.

After several brainstorm circles, idea lists, and prayer the slogan of Underground Soundz will officially change with the coming of the new year. 🙂. The original slogan is ‘F**k MainSTREAM UNDERground.’ With UGS wanting to branch out and appeal to family, businesses, as well as kids we decided to change it. The new slogan that will replace the current one is:

‘Where Positivity is Relevant’-(WPR).

Just because there is change does not mean the show STOPS!!! UGS is a platform for everyone that is relentless and ambitious and living out their dreams! No matter if you rap, sing, dance, act, a beautician, cook, or writer this website is for you!  UGS was created to shine light on all the local and non local successful individuals that you come across everyday!

Your wings are already spread; why NOT fly!?

Stay Tuned for an amazing new year!!

2019 looks so bright and full of opportunity!!


Happy NEW YEAR!!!





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