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“The Randoms Corner”

WELCOME TO THE CORNER WHERE RANDOM THINGS COULD BE HAPPINESS IN DISGUISE!!As the host of Underground Soundz I usually don’t have time for random heartfelt posts such as this.So I will post daily random thoughts, songs, ideas, and quotes  that caught my attention through out my day. I truly believe that getting to know me is essential to loving me! 😘



Like first let me ROTFLMBO!! I seen these “Rap Snacks” in a convenient store in Alabama! I always find random and exciting new items in Alabama. It never fails to amaze me! I don’t know about y’all but the Romeo snack was yummy 😜🤭😂. Don’t be scared try one you might just like’em! This may not be a blessing to someone else but it may be to YOU!


Airreny Unbothered

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