“The Randoms Corner”

WELCOME TO THE CORNER WHERE RANDOM THINGS COULD BE HAPPINESS IN DISGUISE!!As the host of Underground Soundz I usually don’t have time for random heartfelt posts such as this. So I will post daily random thoughts, songs, ideas, and quotes that caught my attention through out my day. I truly believe that getting to know me is essential to loving me! 😘


img_6003I seen this post by Tychi Chung and had to re-post because 🗣THIS IS ALSO TRUE! Many people neglect to talk about both sides. Yes absent fathers are damaging to children but in the same breath we must know that there are mothers that are very toxic to their children. The same impact an absent father can have on a child can also be the same or even stronger impact according to the actions of a mother. Parents are not perfect, and don’t try to be, just love, nourish, support, and pray.


Airreny Unbothered

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