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WELCOME TO THE CORNER WHERE RANDOM THINGS COULD BE HAPPINESS IN DISGUISE!!D16DAFBD-D2D0-496F-B6C5-F6B373ACC6C7As the host of Underground Soundz I usually don’t have time for random heartfelt posts such as this.So I will post daily random thoughts, songs, ideas, and quotes  that caught my attention through out my day. I truly believe that getting to know me is essential to loving me! 😘


LISTEN!! Being random as usual, I came across this epic EP entitled Playtime by L’indécis. AMAZING!! The only sad part about this EP is that it only lasted 20 minutes of my life! Ugh! The whimsical, rhythmic, sounds that they have created is simply original, and perplexed in the most beautiful way. The Genre of this EP is listed as Chill-Hop. I love it! My favorite (not to be bias among all of the records because there all good) is Soulful. I love the different concepts of melodies that L’indécis brings out through out the course of the song. Yo Just press play and enjoy! This may not bless someone else but it may bless YOU!


Airreny Unbothered

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