Can WE just be excited about the Expasion!!

UGS is going on tour!! IMG_4797[1]

When fellow subscribers ask, UGS tries it’s best to listen and enhance the opportunities for everyone!! After deep consideration UNDERGROUND SOUNDZ-F*UCK MAINSTREAM UNDERGROUND is going on tour and the first stop is  Huntsville, AL!! We are on the look out to write articles about successful people within the community as well as be apart of the say_what_logo-1UGS ‘Say What?!’ Talk Show!!

We love what Huntsville is offering from the recent talent UGS talked about in earlier news! You want to be apart and get involved with this ground shaking opportunity GO DONATE!!    Remember: when you donate through Cash App make sure to write #UGSOT in the comments so I can make sure to shout you out on my next Vlog!!

Here at Underground Soundz, our focus is to shine light on our everyday fellow man through true Peace. Love.Happiness. ONLY. As she/he takes his/her journey on the rise to a successful life we want to support you! UGS has the strong concept of ‘FUBU’ UGS is a platform for underground artists such as yourself! Lets Come together and build up ourselves through God, Peace, Love, Happiness genuinely.

*I’ve already started… Wanna Join?!



UGS/Airreny Unbothered

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