It’s Women’s Football Season!!

What an exciting season for a sport that everyone craves to watch and play: FOOTBALL!! Sept 1 @ 1pm  starts the Huntsville Tigers boot camp! Are You Ready?!

Huntsville Tigers is a WFA Women’s Tackle Football team! Yes you read that correctly!


Huntsville Tigers a Division III team in the WFA, was established in the year 2012 by head coach Carmela Sullivan. This will be the teams sixth (6th) season yet and there’s no signs of them stopping!

Huntsville Tigers are excited to be apart of the Women’s Football Alliance ( WFA is one of the oldest active leagues in the USA with sixty plus (60+) other teams in the league! In a UGS Q&A Head coach Carmela stated “The Tigers have been in other leagues but the WFA is by far one of the best we have been apart of.”


Head Coach/ Defensive Coordinator: Carmela Sullivan

Being a player first between the years of 2007-2011 of the Huntsville Tigers, Carmela Sullivan decided to revive the team she use to play for and thus Huntsville Tigers were born!! She had played for the Alabama Renegades as well as the Tennessee Valley Tigers. Her true genuine love for the game we call Football is amazing and passionate!

Offensive Coordinator: Carmelesia Sullivan

lisa coach

Carmelesia is the twin sister of Carmela.  She has been coaching the offense since 2012.  She matches her sisters passion for the game of football and coaching.  She also played for the Alabama Renegades and the Tennessee Valley Tigers from 2007-2011

WR Coach: Jeffery Nganga

He began assisting the Tiger coaching staff during the 2018 season.  He will return in 2019 as the WR coach. We are looking forward to him sharing his vast knowledge and increasing the skill set of the ladies.

Boot Camp

This season the Tigers will be holding player evaluations ONLY. No open tryouts this season. Women that are interested in the team have an opportunity to be evaluated in 2 different manners.  The First (1st) evaluation will be conducted during upcoming boot camps; Sept 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th, 29th, and 30th. The second (2nd) is by appointment. If unavailable on these specific dates please do not hesitate to get in touch with the coaching staff to show your interest. Via coaching staff, it is best to be evaluated during boot camps.

UGS is excited for this venture that the coaching staff has dedicated themselves to! We can’t wait for the upcoming season! Let’s Go Tigers Let’s Go!!!

Got what it Takes? Wanna become a fan?

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Facebook: Huntsville Tigers

Instagram: @hsvtigers





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