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As you know UGS focuses on the Underground community and all what they have to offer. Allowing our host Airreny Unbothered to venture out to find amazingly talented Individuals of local and non local communities, she came across a young lady that released a single that is beautifully sung and equally expressed with full gratitude of God’s grace and mercy! We are excited to celebrate in her recent success! Welcome Latin Jones!!

“I really love music, of all types.” -Latin Jones

Latin Jones, a twenty-seven (27) year old native of Birmingham, AL, and now residing in Madison, AL. She is gifted in vocal ensemble, this is her debut single entitled ‘Imagine’ available on all digital media outlets!! It is flowing with pure true worship! She has put her heart and soul in this single. You can feel and hear her true elevation from the valley to the mountain of Zion! In her earlier years she attended Alabama A&M University in the quest to pursue a music degree, unfortunately she did not complete her degree, for  this was her season to grow and learn more about her craft. She studied under the infamous hands of Dr. Horace Carney. Her love and passion for music deepened. She has been singing since she could talk. Being raised in the church her start was in the church choir, then on to singing in the high school concert choir, musicals as well as being a background singer for a numerous of artists in the areas to include Birmingham and Huntsville.

I love to spread light, love, and positivity because I believe that’s what Christ is all about.”- Latin Jones

With her debut single it is clear who she represents and what she stands for, and if it isn’t clear she stated “I represent God” in a UGS Q&A. She truly considers herself to be an ambassador for God. Not wanting a career in singing, due to the pressures of family and friends expecting and assuming that lifestyle for her, she decided to pursue other avenues. Being a true servant of Christ it was by God’s divine will for her to meet her Pastors. Her Pastors, James, records and produces, while Jessica serves as her Manager, Booking Agent and  any other roles that she allows God to lead her to do. In 2015 she was presented with a song her Pastors had written called ‘Imagine.’ After singing the song, Pastor James said “That’s it! We have to record it!” It was destined for the words to be heard by her voice. A powerful testimony is within this young up and coming artist! Doubting her abilities to be a true worshiper at the time, three (3) years later she had her mind made up to live for God and only God! Releasing the Single Late July it has been getting outrageous feedback! The vocals are smooth and powerful, the words are relatable, and the worship is REAL! In her journey of serving the lord she is also the worship leader at Launch Ministries where her Pastors James and Jessica serve as her spiritual advisers. She came across many ideas for her stage name to include “Elle Jones” creatively deriving from the sound the letter “L” makes. She made the great decision to use the unique name that was give to her ‘Latin Jones.’ She stated also in the UGS Q&A that “Understanding what my

“Realizing who I was and how unique and creative my real name was, I decided to just go by Latin Jones.”- Latin Jones

purpose was inspired me to do what I do.” She has a motto that she has lived by since high school which was said to her by her concert choir teacher the late Myrna Ria Ross, “Music is the universal language and as such has the power to change the world!” Truly finding her purpose in life she is bringing forth healing, restoration, and encouragement to so many individuals that need it. She is currently working on her first album to be released soon, entitled ’10:19′ influenced by the scripture Luke 10:19.



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Facebook: Latin Jones Music

Instagram: Latin Jones Music

Booking inquiries: ellejonesmusic@gmail/phone: 256.288.2940

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