New Netflix Series ‘On My Block’

While looking for something amazing to binge-watch, I seen this in my Netflix recommendations. I took a chance and pressed play and I didn’t press stop until the end of the season!!


on my block


on my block 1A  new coming of age series entitled ‘On My Block’ is truly awesome! It is a Netflix original and it is exceptional!! Rated TV-14, this is a show for young teens and young adults. It elaborates on the life of four young teenagers that finally get their opportunity to experience the high school life. They begin to understand what life is all about. A group of close knit friends Ruben “Ruby”, Cesar “Lil Spooky”, Monse and Jamal embark on adventures that are full of gangs, family, drama, and puberty.

With their first season of Ten (10) episodes, this Netflix series is sure to be a game on my block 2changer! The story line takes place in an inner city of South Central Los Angeles, this series is sure to peak your interest! Fresh faces with a fresh creative plot, this show will keep you coming back for more in ONE SETTING!! If the incredible acting and series of events doesn’t suffice for you the epic soundtrack for each episode is OUTRAGEOUS!! Artists from Alina Baraz to Dej Loaf to Lil’ Pump to name a few, is featured throughout the course of seemingly venturous events in this exciting new series.

sierra-capri_-on-my-block-premiere-in-los-angeles-01-662x792-e1535059909355.jpgExcited fans are screaming: “HURRY UP SEASON 2!! WE NEED YOU!!” The different elements of the situations each character goes through is clear and easy to follow! We say thank you to the creators of this marvelous show! It’s Epic! If you haven’t seen this series yet you’re missing out!! SERIOUSLY!! Don’t take my word for it check out the trailer below! Let’s bring ‘On My Block’ to EVERYONE’S BLOCK!!

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Check out the trailer



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