Charles Brockman III


As you know UGS is in the business of shedding true Peace Love and Happiness to local and non local individuals that have expressed success! UGS is super excited to have had the opportunity to get in contact with Charles Brockman III. He is an awesome individual of the community as well as a Junior Olympian! UGS congratulates Charles on his success!

“My goal is to represent my city and family well”- Charles Brockman III

Charles Brockman III is a native from Plano, Texas. He has an array of talents that have given him great success! He is all about motivation and inspiring those who believe that pursing their dreams is impossible!

He currently attends Mississippi State University where he has been showing off his athletic talent! He was awarded the Jason Richardson Outstanding Hurdle Performance Award. He also competed in USATF Junior Championships where he won  the bronze medal, as well as finishing 17th in the NCAA Championships. He has broken Mississippi State freshmen record with a 50.36 in the 400m Hurdles. Charles Brockman III is doing big things and we at UGS are excited for his Success!! Keep striving for greater and Never Give up!!




At the Early age of  seven (7) he was involved in many activities to include Theater, Band, Choir, and Track. Since having the goal to be a successful young man, he has competed in countless track meets, national championships as well as receiving an Athletic Scholarship to pursue his Track Career. While a scholar on the track, he also has a strong passion for music! In his younger years he started a youtube channel that housed all of his musical covers as well as original songs, which brought him great joy as well as the 3,000 subscribers! When he made a decision to get involved into track

“I don’t have a stage name, just Charles Brockman III because I would love to put my name out there and allow the world to see me as me.”-Charles Brockman III

 more seriously it was advise to him to choose Track or Music. Deleting the channel and taking the advise given, in 2015 he eventually declined the advise and took a stand to prove those who opposed to his doings of both, wrong.

Brockman is a strong believer in being able to do anything that you put your mind to do, but you must be willing to put in the time and effort it takes for it to thrive. charles3-850x751 Now today Charles Brockman III is working hard in his music as well as his athletics. He quoted “To be honest, follower count does not matter at all to me. I’m trying to post the best content I can, and pray that whomever stumbles across it, loves what I do.” His plans are to release music regularly as well as videos that uplift his community through life situations, cooking, as well as Student Athlete help. Being discouraged numerous of times, his discouragement was the very thing that inspired him to keep pushing!

God blessed me with so many talents and I plan on using them all on my page for the world to see.- Charles Brockman III

Love what he is doing and represents?

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Instagram: @theonlycharlesb




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