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What is UGS really about?


What do you see above? Seriously, what comes to mind when you see “Underground Soundz?” Most of the time I get questions of ‘what is this’ ‘who are you’ and ‘wait, huh, I don’t get it what exactly do you do.’ Well I’m glad you asked!

UNDERGROUND SOUNDZ-F*CK MAINSTREAM UNDERGROUND is an online Entertainment News company with a platform that supports, promotes, and encourages the success of the people in the community. UGS is fostered and thrives on the love and support of the community. Whether your success is in music, owning your own business, a hairstylist, blogger, vlogger, etc. If you believe you have success in what you are doing we want to talk about it.

Okay, so how does it all work? UGS is a non-profit company that writes articles on your behalf to either promote you, have a nice article in you pro-folio or if you just have something meaningful to say and want it to be shared and heard, Underground Soundz is the place for you!

Here at UGS we believe that nothing is to small or big of a success for us! If you want to think of it in another way its kind of like ‘FUBU’, A platform made For us by us! Of course, there are the questions of is it legit? How do you make revenue? By your donations, your love, your support, and your encouragement.

At the end of the day Underground Soundz is here just to shed true and genuine Peace.Love.Happiness. ONLY. This site and company is where positvity is always relevant.


Check out the People we have talked about thus far!! They all are some amazing individuals!! And their right here in our own community, who knew!!??




Want to read up on these different success stories Just type ‘Underground Success’ in the search box!! 


Airreny Unbothered

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