“The Randoms Corner”

Hey subscribers! UGS is excited as well as filled with great joy that our host Airreny Unbothered is striving to conquer her fear of stepping out and doing her Chef thing in the community!! Read about it below


As I set down earlier today getting lifted and listening to beats by an array of producers, a thought popped in my head.



What is that exactly, well… simply put it is an opportunity for me as well as you to enjoy the fun in eating and cooking.

I’m thinking just to start, a lunch special sale or a Wake and Bake Breakfast something just so y’all can get a taste.


Tell me what y’all thinking. Should I do #Hoodie5StarMeals ? Will you guys really eat and/or buy? So many questions, so little answers!

Give me your feedback I really wanna know!! If y’all like ‘nah brah brah’ then: 👌👍✊ and If y’all like ‘yea do that’ then: 👌👍✊.

Let me know how you feeling! A poll will be going up along with this in the app(download it here👉🏾 https://ugsoundz.com/2018/05/22/the-ugs-app-is-here/)  as well as all social media!

BTW 👉🏾GO NOW and follow 👇🏾

Instagram: @Hoodie5StarMeals

Sincerely your favorite VBlogger,


U G S/Airreny Unbothered


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