A Taste of Miami!!

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UGS is super excited to have met and have the honor to write about the renown Chef Teach and his business known as ‘World Famous House of Mac!!!’hom

6E7392B6-0D3E-4352-B122-8B79547538DB Airreny and Chef Teach

I have heard wonderful things about this particular food place, and everything I heard came to be absolutely true!! Me and my best friend Chuntel decided to stop by the Wynwood Yard located at 56 NW 29th St, Miami, FL to try the infamous, flavor bursting Mac and cheese many people crave!


As soon as I approached the food truck the customer service was that of a warm and friendly greeting such as a family or friend would give. “Hey whats up? What would ya’ll like today.”  The cashier Natalie said with a smile! I responded with “This my first time I don’t know.” “We get that a lot it is a very flavorful menu!” Nekia one of the…

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