Issa Album Release!!!

It’s Gemini season and what better way to keep the summer hot with a new album release that’s pure fire called ‘Sacrifices’ by the artist No Love!! His lyrics are cut throat, and clever. Not new to the game, this will be his 8th project he himself has put out! His flow is smooth and his beats are BANGERS! UGS welcomes No Love!



          “Nothing Over Love Or Value Everything”  That’s NO LOVE! A native of Farrell, Pennsylvania born and raised in a place where people really don’t have an opportunity to make it out and be successful; But he did! Hard work and a drive of passion keeps him writing, producing, and releasing. Read the personal Statement of NO LOVE.


c8ffa44c-7f9b-4d52-b20e-895e03095d3f-e1528042229200Who am I, That’s a question I’ve been asked my whole life. I’m More Then What Meets the Eyes, I Feel Like I’m Everything & Nothing At The Same Time; An “Anomaly” Is How I Could Simplify It. Who Am I? I’m NO LOVE,What Do I Represent? I Represent The Struggle, I Represent The Streets, My Constituents Are The Hustlers, The Underdogs, The Regular Folks Trying To Make It Day To Day, Feel Me?” As far as My Background Story I’m Just A 25 Year Old From A Small Hood, I Call It “The Black Hole” (FARRELL, PA). I’m Tryin’ To Make It In Life, Overall I’m a Simple Man Of Respect, Business Orientated, and a Leader.

No one has ever Really Made It Where I’m From, as Far As My Name, I Actually Had A Few Names When I Was Younger, But When The No Love Took its Effect It Was understood As an Acronym “Nothing Over Love Or Value Everything;” meaning, you Either Love What You Love, the Good & Bad Or Take Your Values such as: Money, Women, Clothes, Cars, Jewelry, Morals, Principles, and Goals. It’s All Or Nothing. I Feel Like My Work Is Everything. Having 18 Years of experience in, House Studios, Real Studios, I do and have Done It All. I Mostly Record and Mix & Master; Produce My Own Records, Cover Art, I own My Own Independent Distribution Company Where I’m Already Making ninety percent (90%) of Every Record I Sell!

“I’m everything and nothing- No Love

What Inspired Me to do what I do is My Family. I Was Always Into Music Heavy On Both Sides So I Grew Up Seeing music all around me, The Microphones In My Uncles Basements and etc. I Just Recently Found Out Myà, The R&B Singer, is My Older Cousin. So within the music industry, I Got Ties To The Game, It Was Meant.

While Even Putting In My 10,000 Hours Of Time, My Drive for it all Was To Live A Comfortable Life, Take Care My Family, Set Up The Legacy, The Bank Accounts, Stocks & Bonds, and The Fruits Of Life That will be Appreciated With Time. It has Been some dark days due to Losing My Mother & Grandmother To A Heavy Fight With Cancer in May of this year, and Even in Facing Legal Actions, My Drive Is To Go Against All Odds! God’s Favorites have It The Hardest Feel Me!

I Just Finished My 8th Project ‘SACRIFICES’ A Debut Album Available Everywhere: Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, ITunes, and Google Music. I Feel This project is Everything I’ve been through, which includes a lot of Love, Pain, Heart, and Soul, Up To This Point In My Life. I’ll Let The People Decide!



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Instagram: NoGoodNoLove

Twitter: NoGoodNoLove



Snapchat: SincerelyNoLove




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