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For my special day I decided to write a post and do a video that will show the true me raw and uncut! Some won’t like the real me and others will love me; eventually I’ll see. Regardless if people throw love or hate I can’t be anybody else but me.

I Did

A poem dedicated to Ray Jones

I did you wrong.

I could of said less and loved more.

I did you wrong.

By lying and cheating making you feel less than.

Yea, I did you wrong.

I pushed you to a place past ecstasy. A place that had room for only you and me.

I did you wrong.

Countless times not once asking how do you feel.

I did you wrong.

So many times I don’t even think I can make it right.

As I look in the mirror and think about my past mistakes it’s true it should of been you.

It’s you I should of gave more for. All the money and sex can’t cover up the hurt and pain

I have caused.  This won’t make things better but with my heart on my sleeves I plead

love again smile again try, again. Who knows if someone could be yearning to hold the

real you something that I couldn’t do.

Yes I did you wrong.

It was the immaturity that was in me but I hope with this apology “I’m Sorry” you can be

set free from your insecurity of  “no one loves me.”

By Airreny Unbothered

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