Elements of Affection EP!!!!!

As you know our host Airreny Unbothered is always looking for new fresh talent coming to the scene. She listened to him sing on a live segment on Facebook called ‘TORIE’S TENT’ and connected with him. UGS is super excited to welcome ORian and congratulate him on his recent success!!



ORian, a native of Huntsville, Alabama is an up and coming artist in the ‘256!’ His music speaks loudly! He came to put a stamp on the world with his latest released project, ‘Elements of Affection’. ‘Elements of Affection’ is an EP with smooth vocals, amazing harmonies, and killer beats! The idea behind his work is to tell the story of different aspects of a relationship, and UGS must say, it does JUST THAT!! The story of affection is really portrayed by the artist in not one, or two, but all six (6) songs that he released. It is an epic project and we say keep striving for greatness ORian because you got it!!

“My music is relatable and chill”-ORian

ORian is an artist that believes music should be able to be someone’s escape, if not all. His personality is fun filled, chilled , and friendly. He wanted to put personality in his music so that individuals that listen can related to his music. ORian’s music is expressed in two ways; on one side he’s a friend giving advice and on the other side, he’s that friend that you can turn up and have fun with. His birth name is ORian Moore, he decided for his stage name to be kept simple and to the point, because his name is unique all by its self.  He also finds true joy and laughter in listening to those that do try to pronounce his name because it’s rarely correct.

His inspiration to bite the bullet and complete his EP was one of his high school friends29572518_1749838141703935_3680687785215438817_n that is in the music field and released some work of their own. He says that “it challenged me to take my music seriously.” Being an artist that writes his own original songs, and beats, it is a true dream for him to be where he is musically.

All it took was for him to step into the recording booth one time to record his first single ‘Day One’ and from there ‘Elements of Affection’ came forth. Being a full-time student as well as having a full time job, does not stop him from working on other upcoming music projects that he cannot wait to release for the world to hear!


A word from ORian:

Thank you so much for this opportunity to get to know me and my EP!

Check Out ORian’s Single ‘Day one’ Official Music Video!!

 Want to listen to his work? Interested in Collaborating?

⇓Contact, Download, and Follow⇓

Email: orianartist@gmail.com

Instagram: omoore_16


Facebook: ORianArtist

Apple Music













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