MAY 24!!!

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It is national Brothers Day and UGS would like to take the time to shine light and love on our host, Airreny Unbothered’s Big brother Deron Henry Jr., better known by his stage name DJ Henry. 

From young grasshoppers, to whippersnappers, now to grown adults; the love that they share for one another has not died!


Being mistaken for twins in their younger years because of the slight age differences of a year, they both managed to step out the shadows of one another and soar high like eagles. 

77EE75FF-EED3-472E-97BA-663C56F8530DDJ Henry is a talented pianist, drummer, and entrepreneur. His passion is to give back the best way he can; and in doing so he teaches young teens and children music lessons. Also in his spare time he writes great literature that is positive, entertaining and mind provoking! 

UGS shows full gratitude to be given the opportunity to write about our host Big brother! 

A kind word to you:

I love you bro! I only got one and you’re the best one a sister can ask for! Yea we have sibling rivalry but through it all I got you and you got me! Although we have to grow up and explore different things separately, the love that I have for you will always be nothing but a heartbeat away.”  

-Airreny Unbothered


    U G S


Airreny And DJ Henry ‘10


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