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say_what_logo-1     WOW! Our second episode!! Time fly’s when you surround yourself around positivity!! UGS is super excited for our 3rd guest to be on the ‘Say What?!’ talk show. Below read up on Queen Shepherd, owner and founder of the enterprise ‘Shepherd Hands Inc.’ We had a blast getting to know her! Check it out in the ⇒⇒⇒UGS Vlog tab!⇐⇐⇐

The Business: ‘Shepherd Hands’


                                                                                Shepherd Hands Inc. was founded as an enterprise in the year 2009. It was officially established (on paper) November 2012 in Miami, FL. SH Inc. has it’s hands in many avenues that include ‘Fashion yourself free’ apparel and accessories and an in house bakery that produces homemade pound cakes with flavors such as; Oreo, Rum, 7up and many more! Shepherd Hands Inc had hosted two major events; ‘Fashion Yourself out of the box’ Fashion Show as well as Birthing Books Seminar. SH Inc is an enterprise that not only focuses on Fashion and Baking, but also empowers and encourages all individuals to give birth to their purpose.






The Owner: Queen Shepherd


 Sonja (with a “J”) Tucker-Young also known as ‘Queen Shepherd,’ is a native of Miami, FL and the daughter of the late Mr. Kennie and Mother Mary Tucker. She is the active owner and founder of ‘Shepherd Hands Inc.’ She is happily married to Vincent Young. She is a dedicated  mother of three; Chuntel (the face of Shepherd Hands) and her twin sons Victor and Vincent Young. Since January 2006, Queen Shepherd has been the Under-Shepherd of the Word of Truth Redeem Ministries, in Opa-Locka, FL. 2BE38A6F-8AC2-4B83-B149-41336ED6E740She attended MDCPS from Elementary to High School. She now holds an Associate in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor in Ministry, and a Masters in Christian Counseling from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Queen Shepherd is an individual full of love, passion for creativity from all different aspects and believe in inspiring others and bringing joy to every person she has the opportunity to encounter.

Interested in her business? Want to book her for an event?


Facebook: Sonja Tucker-Young

Instagram: @shepherdhands







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