What about the Teachers?!?🤨🤔


>>This one is personal<<

      In lieu of Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to take this time to honor a teacher that I believe, doesn’t get the accolades she deserves! She taught me a great deal about life, education, the art of performing and acting! She has been a HUGE influence on me. She has inspired me to reach for the stars, spread my wings and achieve! That teacher is none other than:

Karen Rolls Baker!


Karen has been teaching Theater for 15+ years and she loves it! She holds an A.A. Theater Degree, A.S. Musical Theater Degree, B.A. Theater Performance Degree, and a M.F.A. Directing Degree! She has traveled the world leaving her footprints along the way! She also holds the position of  part-time lecture at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

I had the wonderful opportunity to be taught by her in the Spring semester of 2015, and it was the the best class I have ever took! She challenges you to ignite the fire that already burns inside of you, encourage you to0A9A67CF-D36B-4AE6-B4DC-AF7F57D226DC always do your best, and pushes you to achieve your dreams! She was a teacher that actually made me want to learn! She was engaging, fun, and caring! I recall having to write journals EVERY 4F4DCFEB-48C8-4647-B6A7-0B13D351AEBBSINGLE DAY! It was classwork, homework, and in your spare time work!  At first I wasn’t too fond of writing about a specific topic, or an idea or even just creative writing. BUT, because of her I was able to morph into loving to write. Now if it is not clear, I became an entertainment writer that writes about specific topics, ideas and creativity. Go Figure, lol!  She wears many hats from a loving wife, to an explorer, to a goofball, and of course teacher, but above all  she is truly a spectacular individual. I, as well as UGS, applaud Karen for her devoted hard work in this teaching game!

We Appreciate You!!

Karen and Airreny


Airreny Unbothered

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