UGS-FMU Talk Show!!

Woow! Can you believe it?!?! The day has Finally COME!! UGS talk show ‘Say What?!’ Has arrived!! Check it out in the UGS Vlog Tab!


UGS enjoyed working with the Brooks sisters on this new project! They were great sports and UGS would love to invite them back onto the show again! Read up on the Brooks Sisters Below!!!

Jhaniya Brooks

img_4297.jpgJhaniya is a twelve (12) years old girl, who aspires to be a doctor one day. She loves to read books about mythology in her spare time. Originally born in Tallahassee, FL, she spent her first year there and then moved to Miami, FL where she has been for the past 11 years. She is the oldest sibling out of her younger sister Makayla and her younger brother Walter III. She loves to hang out with friends, read, and dance. She says she represents intelligence and maturity. She considers herself to be a big nerd and a great speller. Her role models are her Father and Grandmother; she stated that they inspire her to always do good and stay on top of herself. She loves her family, friends and  most importantly God.

Makayla Brooks  

Makayla is an eleven (11) year old girl, born and being raised in Miami, FL. She aspires toIMG_4296 be a great dancer one day. She loves to hang out with her friends and family, take selfies and dance. She’s not that big on being involved in as well as watching sports. She believes to have mastered doing pirouettes. She strives to learn more about dancing to become an even better one. She says she represents a dancing princess and will continue to dance like one. Her role model is her dance teacher at Inspired Rhythms Dance Co. because she always reminds her to put her best foot forward. She loves to dance because it’s fun and is a stress reliever for her.

The Brooks SistersIMG_4298




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