The day where millions of people tote all at the same time!!

Whether you’re a first timer, intermediate, or stoner smoker this is a day where everybody can join in and blow down together!! 

For those of you that don’t tote 🤷🏾‍♀️, Sorry to hear that, but for those that do, well this post is for you!! 

Not knowing what you’re smoking is fun, but knowing is clever! Lol,  😏 so let’s be clever today.

  1. Indica 
  2. Sativa
  3. Hybrid

If you’re confused…. exit stage left.(SERIOUSLY)



Is one out of 3 strains of marijuana. This strains is more of a body high. You want some energy tote up some Indica. 

  Example: Dat Grand Daddy Purp



Is the most commonly smoked marijuana. This strain gives that mind high. Your creative side is awakened with this in your lungs! Wanna be on cloud 9 tote some Sativa.

   Example: Dat Sour Diesel 



Is the best of the best why? Because it is a fusion of both Indica and Sativa. Wanna be both body and mind high get you some Hybrid and then smoke it!! 

   Example: Dat Blue Dream

Now we all can tote clever while understanding the effects!

Now Lets 420!!!





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