‘It Works!’ A 2 Day Cleanse!!

           UGS is super stoked about the product @aspect3health recommended to us!


4F6F5263-5162-4F97-B456-3C714C4ACB07Last month UGS posted an article about Women success (Check it out in the UGS Blog tab) and Aja was one of the amazing women that was featured on the VBlog! Aspect3Health (Aja) is a distributor of ‘IT WORKS!’ dietary products! We got to talking about cleanses and she told me about the ‘IT WORKS!’ cleanse and I was like “sure I’d love to try it!”

As the host of this VBlog I am excited to say that I will be trying out the product namely called the 2 Day Cleanse from ‘It Works!’ This cleanse insures that you will lose between 2-8 pounds!!CCB93D89-9077-4278-A221-D8F8CA1FC9A9

So for the pass two days I have been taking two (2) 2 mile walks. I also cut out all the fries, burgers, and chicken wings! FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS! It was not bad at all! Check out how it went in the UGS Vlog tab!


The actual supplement itself  (to me that is ) taste like fruit punch! It does not have the nasty taste, smell or look! I love the fact that its in  liquid form versus many dietary products that are in pill and/or powder form, and lastly, you can EAT!!! WHAT!? WHAT!? LOL! I ate skinless salmon and salad, granola and yogurt, and I actually ate breakfast (oatmeal w/ water) and of course my 8 glasses a day!



I feel great, and more energized! UGS, again send thanks to Aspect3health (Aja) for giving us the opportunity to review, as well as try the product out!




Airreny Unbothered


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