Issa Count Down!!!

We are SUPER SUPER SUPER stoked that UGS-FMU talk show ‘Say What?!’ will be hitting social media in 10 days!!! OMG(osh)!! Nervous? ✔️CHECK! Heart beating out of chest?! ✔️✔️DOUBLE CHECK! If you have not seen the trailer please go check it out in the UGS Vlog tab!

For those that are subscribed and know what’s going on, (LOL) on the web page sidebar there is a small count down calendar that is counting down the days until Underground Soundz airs on the Web page as well as all social media!!!!!

UGS is an online talk show that will be housing the success within your local and non local community! It is a platform for entrepreneurs and other individuals with success to talk about and promote their work.

The first episode (The pilot) is called ‘Young Talent.’ UGS as well as the Host of the show Airreny Unbothered are proud and excited about this upcoming project and cannot wait for you to see it!

If this project is of interest to you and you have success that you would like to share hit up the contact tab, and let us shine light on your success!!!



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