Scale of 1-10 Issa 6!


So a couple of days ago UGS decided to embark on a review journey. Airreny Unbothered dressed in her Chef wear and went to try out a Denny’s in West Kendall, FL.*

Many of you many not know but Airreny Unbothered is a Part-time Chef as well as a Part-Time VBlogger! Below is her written experience that she encountered while visiting a local America’s Diner better known as Denny’s!

Wanna check out her experience in video form? Click on the UGS Vlog Tab!!

Airreny Unbothered Chef and Certified Food Handler

So, I cook. I love to cook and eat and taste! LOL! And on my way to work I decided to review my favorite restaurant, Denny’s!

I LOVE Denny’s 1. because it’s cheap and 2. because it’s like a Walgreen’s or CVS its literally on every corner and if not in almost every plaza!

While there I set a timer for twenty (20) minutes; and within those minutes I wanted to time how long it would take me to be seated, how long it would take me to order as well as receive my food. The criteria that they were judged on were as follows:


Customer Service


Level of urgency

Food quality


If you are unaware of the ultimate dinning experience, an ultimate dining experience should be no more than 5-10 minutes for fast food and/or 10-20 minutes for casual dining (times may vary depending on what you ordered). It should take appetizers between 5-8 minutes to hit the table and your drinks should be there within 3 minutes of being seated.

I did not order an appetizer just 4 pieces of Bacon and 1 slice of French Toast. A pretty simple non-complicated order, but unfortunately I ended up spending a little over half an hour in there and my satisfaction level wasn’t to great.

I won’t bombard you with the WHOLE written story but check out the whole experience in the UGS Vlog Tab.



I still Love Denny’s this was just a personal review.






*Address not disclosed for privacy purposes


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