SOOO I went Live!?!


Do Anybody else like music???

O M G(osh)!!!!

So today I decided to do a Live on my Instagram (click icon at top of page) and at first I was nervous and then I was like whatever ima just do it and see what happens! Soo, I did check it out in the UGS Vlog tab.

After having to restore my phone and losing ALL my content!!! UGH!!!! I thought about going to listen to random artists on sound cloud. I love music, it calms me when I’m stressed out.

After a much needed walk AND an uplifting  😏; I decided to listen to Sound Cloud and YouTube to broaden my music horizon! The search was great and fun I should of been did this like years ago! The genre ranged from R&B to Hip Hop to Techno!

Hope you guys enjoy!!

The Songs and Artists I listened to are listed below:

Venus Blu- Diamonds                        Wine to Calypso- 5 Side Soundz

1BJRKNC- Blow Trees &Out of Time         Eyes Don’t Lie- Wellingta

Attention – II Gonz                                        Higuys – Smoke Bomb

Ryan Housewell – Mind                              Sweet NaNa – King Stabon

C.J Raw – Style                                               LS -Cruel World

Earthgang ft. J.I.D-Momma Told Me      A&G ft Luvi – 2 Much

Darkside BayBay ft LS – Above The Rim

Make sure to check them out in the UGS Blog tab in the “Listen To This!!!” on the sidebar!



Airreny Unbothered



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