🙌🏾Testimony Time! 🙌🏾

Tap pic for 🎶 🎵 👇🏾

It ain’t Sunday but, I got thanks on my lips and a praise on my feet!!

I believe in giving God reference everyday, for the amazing and wondrous works God does in everyone’s life as well as mine!

So starting Friday(3/30)-Sunday(4/1) I will be posting encouraging songs and testimonies so that UGS can celebrate Gods good work in your life!

So, regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, I want to hear about your testimonies! What has your God brought you through, what has your God done for you?!

No testimony is to little!! BECAUSE ANYTHING GOD DOES IS GREAT!!!

So check out the page and if you are interested in this segment send (in the contact tab, email-airreny93@gmail.com, or social media-@iamairreny):

  1. You’re name
  2. A picture (optional, but preferred)
  3. A scripture and/or Quote that helped




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