Callin’ All Poets!!

93278D54-7167-4F9F-AFE5-129D8A0681BE         Poetry; Where words meet love and emotions speak louder on paper. What would you call Poetry?! March 21st is World Poetry Day, a day where poets around the world are being honored and acknowledged for their artistic literature.

As you know UGS focuses on the community and local neighbors that have success. So Check Out the UGS Vlog tab to listen to a little poetry.

Many people have a plethora of things to say about their life and experiences, and a community to uplift your work is a great place to start stretching out your wings so you can fly. So we are excited to welcome S.I.q Da Poet.

Poet of the Day


S.I.q Da Poet

Lavelle Gordon; better known by his artistic name ‘S.I.q Da Poet.’ He is a Miami native with a strong passion for the Art of Poetry. Using words to his advantage, he soon found his outlet in writing poetry as a way to define the world through his eyes and to give a voice to individuals that maybe experiencing similar circumstances.

Wanna listen to more poems by S.I.q Da Poet?

⬇️Contact and Follow⬇️

Facebook: @Lavelle Gordon

Instagram: @siq _dapoet

Snapchat: @mr_iamprogress




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