March 21!

“A form of Art that use language.”* Now that’s Poetic! One definition out of several that defines Poetry. Today is World Poetry Day! We should think back on famous poets, and many other poets, and poems that we
have studied, read, and performed!

Poetry is expression through words. As some may dance, sing, and/or play an instrument, which express how they feel, poems are another form of Art. Although not given the praise it deserves, it has been around for years!

So as you know UGS represent the success within the community and neighborhood. We are gathering up local and non local poems and poets to be featured on UGS VBlog! Tune in tonight at 9pm EST to read up on an up and coming poet or enjoy their works of written  brilliance.


👉🏾If you or you know someone that is a poet please contact UGS in the ‘Wanna be on the show’ tab, or on all social media @Iamairreny. We would love to shine light on your written work!👈🏾


*Urban Dictionary;; def.4.

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