Who Dat?!

Here it is finally! I just made a vlog called Who Dat?! Read about who I be or Listen/watch! Go check out the UGS Vlog tab! Why are you still reading this


         Lynnece Ondria Henry (born June 2, 1993), known professionally by her stage name Airreny and/or Airreny Unbothered is an American Rapper, songwriter, musician, Vlogger/Blogger and CEO and founder of talk show Underground Soundz-F**k MainSTREAM UNDERground. Born and raised in Miami, FL but matured in the sweet home state of Alabama in the city of Huntsville, or as some call it Hunts-Vegas.

Moving away at the early age of 18 in 2011 for college she found out what life would be about early on. Airreny has had here share of eventful stories such as eviction notices, broken hearts, homelessness, jobless, drug usages and many more tells of the life of Airreny but that never stopped her from reaching her potential in music and creativity.

She started music at an early age of 6 her first instrument was the piano which she didn’t take a liking to and then started on drum set and eventually moved to drum line. In the month of October in 1999 she was introduced to the Violin which would be her ticket to get to college as well as travel the country.

Airreny has three best friends (Chuntel, A.C. and Danni (Founder of Beautiful Ambitious Queens Blog)) and one older brother ( Deron Henry) that she considers her twin due to the fact that it’s a years difference between them. She was raised in church as a PK (Pastor Kid) and then later on as a BK (Bishop Kid). Her younger years were rough being that she had to walk on eggshell because of her fathers position in the church. She participated in youth choirs, teen talents, and holiday programs. She was always involved in music due to being raised in a musically inclined family.

In 2016 Airreny attempted suicide by pills and wrist cuts but she was found in time by her good friend and ex lover Shell. She was then admitted to the Psych unit where she had time to regroup and meditate on how her life was worth living. In 2017 she moved back home to Miami, FL to build her physical and mental self back up and surround herself around family and childhood friends.

In 2018 she said this is the year of living out her dreams!



UGS/Airreny Unbothered



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