Talk about success?! These ladies got it!


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Today is a day where women all over the world are being congratulated and honored because of something they did or said or even built! As you know I represent the community and Underground success of the beautiful and talented individuals that are among you everyday! So I decided to shine light on two women that have great success in there own way. As I always say just because it isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean it isn’t success! Please read, follow, comment, and connect with these lovely individuals! ✌️❤️😊 Always!

Aja Ramey Anderson


Aja Ramey Anderson, 35 yr old single mother of a 12 year old son. My passion is to change every life I’m blessed to enter into. I work full time, however, in my free time I also Vlog my weight loss journey. I’ve been vlogging for a couple of years now and I love it. I believe transparency is the key to helping people change. We have to let them know that we aren’t alone regardless of what we go through. In addition to working I also have the opportunity to help people get healthier with products I use as well. I’m a distributor for a lifestyle company that offers nutritional products, multi-vitamins, energy drinks, body contouring and skin care products by the name of It Works. I absolutely love what I do. I believe we should live our life in purpose on purpose and when we do life is more fulfilling! I feel so honored to be recognized for what I do. Thank you so much!

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Instagram: @aspect3health

Audrieana Brown


Audrieana Brown a 25 year old native of Hallandale Beach, FL. Born and raised to the late Rev. Josh Brown. Growing up with a heart to give and help others she got involved with music as well as teaching it, although her occupation has her pretty busy she still, in her spare time dabbles the Keys of the piano and wets her vocals. She knew one day she would want to help others as a career and made the brave decision to join the Military the Army branch. She considers it a true blessing to be honored today. For her bravery, service, and diligence in protecting and serving our country; We at UGS salute you today as well as say continue to Rest In Peace Rev. Josh Brown.

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Facebook: Ace Brown Sam
Instagram: @Kingacespade



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